Are you (or those you're leading) experiencing

~ stress

~ exhaustion

~ doubt

~ low morale

as result of your long 'to do' lists?

Denise Taylor delivers powerful presentations packed with inspirational stories and perspective training exercises. You'll experience increased energy and renewed strength to tackle life's tough stuff. Her practices have been tried and tested through extreme adversity and are now available to YOU. Are you ready to be supported, uplifted and TaylorTUFF? 

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Life is like a surprise party. When a guest you wouldn’t have invited shows up with a gift you didn’t ask for, be gracious and say “THANK YOU!” Don’t let it interfere with your celebration!
— Denise Taylor

With a unique perspective and colorful personality, Denise uses her relatable stories of adversity to paint a picture of inspiration, resilience and fortitude. Across the country, audiences of every age and demographic have been inspired by her heartfelt sharing, creative metaphors and tips for finding opportunity in opposition. She creates a dynamic message Taylor'd to each group’s need and delivers with impact. Ready to raise the energy of your next event and the morale of your team?  Contact her today!



Whether corporate, small group or individual, you have several program options to choose from.

Clients and Testimonials


Denise sees the uncommon in the common and has the unique ability to teach it simply enough for everyone to grasp.
— Julie Ziglar, Ziglar Inc.
Denise has courage and grace, things that seem impossible to have in abundance when dealing with tragedy. Her gift is to help others find their way with truth.
— Tosca Reno, TRIM
Denise wowed the audience with her inspirational message She inspires others to be more and do more. You simply must hear and experience her for yourself!
— Laurie Althaus, Now and Next
Through her insightful and thought provoking presentations, Denise displays exceptional passion; igniting inspiration in all who get to hear her.
— Kaye Lafferty, JCTC